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About the Fostoria Glass Society - Fostoria Glass Museum

The Fostoria Glass Society of America, Inc.

Who We Are

The Fostoria Glass Society of America, Inc. is a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation formed to acquire and disseminate detailed knowledge concerning Fostoria Glass, and to establish and maintain a museum for housing and displaying Fostoria glass.

How the Society Works

There is a fifteen member Board of Directors; five officers, a representative of each authorized chapter (not to exceed ten chapters) of the Society elected by the members of the Chapters, and at-large directors elected by the voting members serving four year, staggered terms. Officers are elected for two-year terms and Board Members are elected to serve four-year terms. Elections are held by mailed ballot prior to the annual June Convention where election results are announced. The Board of Directors meet quarterly, and quarterly meetings are held for the General Membership. Board of Directors and all committee meetings are open to the voting members.


There are three classes of membership: Voting, Honorary, and Founder/Charter.


Voting members have all the benefits of membership plus the additional opportunity to become board members and vote on Society business.


A membership given to someone by the board in recognition for special services or dedication to our Society.


Those persons who were in attendance at the organizational meeting of the Society held June 24-25, 1980 in Moundsville, West Virginia shall be known as Founding Members. Those persons who joined the Society between June 26, 1980 and December 31, 1980 shall be known as Charter Members.


Download the form from this site to join the Fostoria Glass Society of America, Inc. You will be affiliated with a dedicated and enthusiastic group of collectors.
  1. Facets of Fostoria – a 20 page newsletter published six times per year which contains the business of the Society plus interesting articles on Fostoria glass and other materials. Back issues of the Facets are available for a small fee.
  2. Opportunity to attend quarterly meetings.
  3. Opportunity to purchase souvenirs, memorabilia, and research helps sold through the Society.
  4. Opportunity to support the Fostoria Glass Museum through donations of money, glass, or time.
  5. Opportunity to participate in an annual June Auction to benefit the Fostoria Glass Museum.
  6. Opportunity to attend the annual Convention.
  7. Opportunity to join a study club – FGSA currently boasts affiliate study clubs in West Virginia, Texas, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. Any group of Fostoria collectors can apply to form such a study club in their area. The club must follow a few simple guidelines set by the National Organization. All members of study must hold a current membership in F.G.S.A..  Any questions may be directed to the Fostoria Glass Society of America, Inc., PO Box 826, Moundsville, WV 26041.

1887 - 1986

Fostoria Glass History

In 1903, Charles and Birdie Burchinal purchased a large portion of the block bounded by 6th Street and Tomlinson Avenue in Moundsville and began building a house. Unable to finish the house, on August 22, 1908 the Burchinal’s sold 12 parcels including the lot and house to William H. and Maria Batson. One year later,

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The Fostoria Glass Company began operations in Fostoria, Ohio, on December 15, 1887. This site was chosen because natural gas at a recently opened field in the area had been offered at a very low cost to attract new industries. However, the field was so short-lived that in 1891, Fostoria moved to Moundsville, West Virginia,

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